Webuzo for DokuWiki 2012-10-13  v.13

DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind.

JumpBox for DokuWiki Wiki System  v.1.7.4

DokuWiki is a simple, clean and easy to use Wiki system that allows collaborative editing of a web site.


DocBook DokuWiki  v.beta0.2

DocBook DokuWiki is a wiki system that includes DocBook XML support.

Codeslang  v.0.3

I have stopped developing this project, as I found DokuWiki to be exactly what I was looking for when starting to develop Codeslang.

DwExport  v.0.2

Export DokuWiki into static HTML pages including images and CSS formating.

Txt2tags text converter  v.2.5

Txt2tags converts a text file with minimal markup to HTML, XHTML, SGML, LaTeX, Lout, UNIX Man Page, Wikipedia, Google Code Wiki, DokuWiki, MoinMoin, MagicPoint(mgp), PageMaker.

WaveGradient  v.1.0

WaveGradient is a small utility to view the properties of wave files. This time three properties of a wave are represented: time (on the X-Axis), location (on the Y-axis) and amplitude (encoded in alphavalues).

ComplexCalc  v.1.0

ComplexCalc is a tiny complex operation calculator. It allows you to enter two complex numbers (by textual input or graphical selection) and do an operation on them (Yes! RPN! cool huh?).

JSheet  v.1.0

JSheet is a simple spreadsheet program. It supports strings and numbers in the cells and links between cells. Simple calculations are also done. The size of the Table is userdefinable and rows and columns can be added and deleted.

Softaculous  v.3.6

Softaculous Auto Installer integrates into popular hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere and Interworx and allows the user to install any application by the click of a button.

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